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Hrach Kalsahakian


Hrach Kalsahakian is Marketing Manager at Cyprus Tourism Organisation's Middle East Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2005. With a degree in Economy and Management from Greece, Hrach specializes in tourism management. After working several years in travel agenices in Patras and Athens he moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1998 where he worked at Sheraton Abu Dhabi. From 2000 to 2005 he was employed at the Embassy of Greece in Abu Dhabi as a translator and administrative assistant before joining the Cyprus Tourism Organization. In 2003 Hrach founded Azad-Hye.net website, the first Middle East pan Armenian website in English and Arabic languages. Since then he has covered numerous regional and pan Armenian topics. He is a member of Arab Writers' Union and has translated and authored several books in Arabic language on Armenian topics. Having lived and travelled extensively in Middle Eastern countries, Hrach is in the unique position of bridging between Middle Eastern Armenian communities and the broader Armenian world. He is familiar with the structure of traditional Armenian communities and tries to contribute to the modernization process of the Diaspora structures. He has recently completed his dissertation on Human Resource Management for Master's degree with Liverpool University.