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PFA's Statement on the Attack on Investigative Journalist Edik Baghdasaryan


Policy Forum Armenia strongly condemns the November 17 attack on Edik Baghdasarian qualifying it as an assault on free speech. It calls upon the Armenian authorities to demonstrate political will and take immediate measures to bring the criminals involved to justice. We note that this act constitutes the seventh registered case of violence against journalists in Armenia this year.

We are confident that a nation endowed with millennia of written speech and such critical thinkers as Khorenatsi, Frik, Narekatsi, among others, will reject violent retaliation against proponents of free speech and media. Those who do not condemn such acts indirectly condone such activities and gravely damage our nation’s collective image.

Dear Mr. Baghdasaryan and our colleagues at Hetq:

We deeply regret that your productive work and unbiased coverage of the difficulties facing the homeland have resulted in violence and harassment. Your tireless efforts and honest civic stance are commendable and exemplary. Policy Forum Armenia expresses its solidarity and readiness to fight for free speech and other principles of human rights. We encourage you to continue the struggle for these values and continue to light the flame that was lit by our literary masters thousand years ago to illuminate the future of our nation.

See the statement in Armenian.