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Armenia: Averting an Economic Catastrophe

Oct 03, 2012

PFA's Special Report on "Armenia: Averting an Economic Catastrophe" is a warning for people of Armenia, the Diaspora, and other stakeholders about an economic disaster in the making in the country. It provides an assessment of policies that have driven Armenia to where it is now and point out the signs of more trouble to come. The report states that the country's political leadership needs to fully internalize these problems and related risks and address them expeditiously. It offers a detailed set of recommendations to help overcome the severe short- and medium-term problems faced by the economy. Important among them is the formation of a legitimate authority to oversee the new policy course on behalf of the people of Armenia. The report states that the situation requires a true government of national unity that would lay out a workable agenda and reach out to all constructive forces in Armenia and the Diaspora to help accomplish that.

Armenian version of the Report

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