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Audrey Selian

Senior Fellow

Audrey Selian currently works on sustainable development projects, focusing on applying the rigor of commercial and 'private sector' thinking to a range of development enterprise projects in the agriculture, clean energy and water sectors in India....

Vladimir Shekoyan

Co-founder, Senior Fellow

Vladimir Shekoyan holds a doctoral degree in Economics from the Moscow State University and doctoral degree in Finance from Georgetown University. Dr. Shekoyan has more than 15 years of international experience in accounting and auditing, macro-...

Arsen Stepanyan


Arsen Stepanyan is a civil society practitioner currently in charge of the advocacy program cluster of the Civic Advocacy Support Program. He has extensive experience in providing consultations to a number of governmental and non-governmental...

Jeffrey Tufenkian


Jeffrey Tufenkian is the President and Co-Founder of the Kanach Foundation, and the Environmental Branch Manager of the Tufenkian Foundation. He has over twenty years of advocacy experience in the U.S. and most recently in Armenia on a variety of...

Mais Vanoyan

Senior Fellow

Mayis Vanoyan is Local Government Service Delivery Expert in USAID-funded Decentralization Program implemented by the Global Communities in Ukraine. He received his Masters Degree in Yerevan State University in 1977 and his Ph.D. from St. Petersburg...

Garo Yegnukian

Senior Fellow

Garo Yegnukian is the CEO and Corporate Counsel of Yegnukian Realty Corp. - a real estate development and management company and was past President of Erebuni Corp. - an automotive parts and accessories manufacturing and marketing company. He holds...